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Brittany Foti, LMBT, MMP, MLD-C
        CEO AND fOUNDER 

Valor Massage is owned and operated by Brittany Foti; a Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist [LMBT]. She is a certified medical massage practitioner with 6 years of serving Fayetteville and surrounding areas. The focus at Valor Massage is to repair what you put your body through. Each new client undergoes a clinical assessment analyzing the state of their body, health, goals and ailments. With a combination of services specially tailored for your needs, Brittany puts you on the road to recovery and optimal health.

Valor Massage is dedicated to serving athletes and military personnel in particular. Our services are best received by those training for Selection, Q-Course, recovering from deployments/missions and exiting the military after years of service. Competitive athletes will find our diversity in sports modalities optimal for recovering from all types training. Brittany’s moto is “If it’s broke, I can fix it.”

She is certified in Lymphatic Drainage as well!
Brittany prides herself in a unique approach that is not just for athletes and military but also anyone who is struggling with chronic aches, pains and tension. Whether it's from your job, your activities, or your day to day life, we can help you feel your best.

            Cari Piatt
    Director of Business Operations

cari headshot_edited.jpg

I’m Cari, I am happy to be a part of something special with Valor as the Office Manager/Business Director. 
I am a mother of 3 human children, 2 cats and a dog. My husband of 15 years retired after 20 years of service and that is what brought us here to NC. 
Prior to retirement I stayed home with the children as a homeschool mom for a decade prior to Valor. 
Before that I did investigative and management work. 
I am a certified holistic nutrition coach, creative writing and art teacher for a homeschool co-op and I enjoy pushing my body to new limits with dancing, CrossFit and mobility!

I originally came to Valor as a client with a shoulder injury and decided I wanted to come on to help grow this business because I truly believe in the bodywork mission. After my 3rd child I became very ill and lost the ability to walk. As I’ve been working with Valor I am a true testament to what consistent bodywork can do in gaining past ability levels after years of injury. 
I am dedicated and determined to make sure you get the best care available. 


Pamela D Turner, LMBT
     U.S. veteran

Certified in Prenatal, pediatrics, oncology, lymphatic, cupping, sports, deep tissue, reflexology, myofascial release and CST.

Pam specializes in frenectomy bodywork for infants, post partum depression and lactation bodywork for mothers. She also helps with aiding and rehabilitating clients here in Fayetteville. 

“From one veteran to another, I want to be that person to make them feel comfortable and be open to come to me for help with their injuries, discomfort and stress of rehabilitating back into the work force. Because I’ve been in their shoes in one way or another, and didn’t have knowledge of what resources that were and were not available to me as a disabled veteran myself”. 

Midas Murphy, LMBT


Midas is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (LMBT), certified in cupping therapy, prenatal massages, lymphatic drainage, and sports massages. He takes pride in the details. When you come to Midas with pain, injury, or stress, he uses his extensive knowledge to treat the issue at its root. This allows for total body healing and rejuvenation. A promise after your service with Midas is that you'll experience that golden glow of health.


"Outside of my scope of practice, I enjoy spending time at the gym, lifting and playing basketball. I'm a big football fan (Steelers) and also love the sport of basketball (Lakers). My favorite form of "reboot" is family outings, whether it's church or a weekend out of town. I truly find joy in applying a healing touch to those who need it!"

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